Screw Compressor Technologies, Inc.

Screw Compressor Technologies (SCT) located in Buffalo, New York has been in the air end rebuilding business since 1980. SCT will rebuild and restore any air and gas compressing unit to their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Experts in fabrication and refurbishing, SCT utilizes proprietary techniques and designs and can fully restore any air end to like new condition. Their standard commitment is that no unit will leave its care without new bearings, O-rings, gaskets and seals. And, since they buy direct from the worlds’ largest bearing manufacturer and seal manufacturer, you can rest assured that only the highest quality components are integrated into the re-build. And, since SCT only uses (except in rare instances) machined brass cages with the correct load rating and internal running clearances and; never uses plastic or polyimide cages, you can rest easy knowing that the re-built air end will provide years of exceptional performance.

Screw Compressor Technologies, Inc. air end rebuilding includes compressor manufactures like Atlas Copco, Bauer/Rotocomp, Boge, Champion, Comp Air, Curtis, Frick, Gardner Denver, Ingersoll-Rand, Joy, Kaeser, Leroi, Quincy, Sullair, Tamrotor, and Worthington. 

Three service levels are available:

  • Preventative: includes hot tank cleaning, dynamic rotor balancing to ISO standard 1940 G 2.5, replacement of bearings, seals, gaskets & O'rings with new parts of OEM quality or better.  No machining.
  • Standard: includes above Preventative rebuild plus precision grinding of rotor faces and air gap collars, Blanchard grinding of housing faces, and welding and turning of bearing journals.
  • Extensive: includes above Standard rebuild plus rotor sealing strips and/or O.D. profile restoration, rotor shaft replacement, boring and sleeving of air gaps and/or bearing bores, resurfacing rotor housing discharge faces, replacement of input shafts, and gear fit machining.

SCT also offers sealing and rebuilding kits for those who wish to do their own repairs in-house, as well as aftermarket maintenance kits for Atlas Copco, Kaeser, Ingersoll Rand, Comp Air, Gardner Denver, Hydrovane, and Sullair compressors.

Pennington Associates are SCT’s representatives and available to answer any questions you may have.  Contact Pennington Associates at sales@penningtonassociates.com or call 727-535-3200 for more information.

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