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Anti-vibration pads
  • These pads are ideal for air conditioners, compressors, cooling towers, presses, and other machines
  • Highest quality elastomeric oil resistant padding
  • Designed to withstand 50 lbs. per square inch
  • Pads are corrugated on both sides


Choose from 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"

  • Activated alumina desiccant is primarily used for air drying and low temperature applications
  • Especially suited for compressed air drying systems
  • Extremely effective for drying gases
  • Activated alumina desiccant is a highly efficient adsorbent with large porosity and contact surface
  • Very stable physically and chemically, even in high temperature and corrosive environments

Fuji Relief Valves

These relief valves are designed to protect the blowers from overheating when operating dead-headed.  Please choose the correct blower/ring compressor size from the drop down options.


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