Thermal Transfer Products, an API Heat Transfer company, is a global leader in manufacturing highly engineered heat transfer products. TTP has further expanded their product offerings with acquisition of the Basco product line.  Markets served: construction, agricultural equipment, mining machinery and forestry equipment. 

Products include:

Mobile Cooling.   High quality oil coolers, radiators, and charger coolers built from brazed aluminum or copper round tube & fin, and available in standard catalog products & custom-designed OE modules. Air-to-air aftercoolers.

Industrial & Process Cooling.  Custom-designed heat transfer products for industrial and process applications, such as hydraulic presses, injection molding machines and extrusion machinery, hydraulic power units for elevators. 

Compressed Air.  Air-to-air aftercoolerswater-to-air aftercoolers, air-to-oil lube oil coolers.  Catalog and custom OE modules.  These provide outstanding cooling performance in rotary screw, piston and centrifugal air compressors, as well as lube oil coolers.

For assistance in choosing the right product for your application call Pennington Associates at 727-535-3200 or email sales@penningtonassociates.com.

TTP provides numerous industry standard oil coolers that are interchangeable with competitor’s equivalents.  Brands covered: Airtek • American Industrial • Ametek • American Standard • API • AKG • ASA • Basco • Bell & Gossett • Blissfield • Bowman • Dunham Bush • Emmegi • Grainger • Hayden • Hydac • ITT Standard • Karmazin • Ketema • Modine • Oil air • Olaer • Raja Lovejoy • Ross • Sessino • Universal Hydraulik • Vescor.



Air belt guard coolers

No fan motor required via mounting to compressor belt guard.  These coolers, built from bar & plate brazed aluminum construction, allow the use of free air flow from the belt guard on reciprocating compressors.  Compact and light weight, they are offered in three models with capacities from 35 to 100 SCFM.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Call 727-535-3200 or email sales@penningtonassociates.com for additional information.


Air-cooled aftercoolers

Our highest performing aftercooler, the AHP/AHPH series are built from high-performance plate & bar aluminum construction.  Energy efficient, durable and flexible mounting in horizontal or vertical configurations.  The finish is a rugged black powder coating. Nine models with flows from 400 to 3500 CFM.  Fan options include electrical TEFC and air motor drive.  Prices subject to change without notice. Call 727-535-3200 or Email: sales@penningtonassociates.com.