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Complete line of compressed air drying and treatment equipment, including filtration and condensate removal products. We carry the Great Lakes Air GN2 Series of PSA nitrogen generators. Common Applications: beer & wine manufacturing & storage, chemical processing, electronics, food processing & packaging, injection molding, metal production, metal fabrication, petroleum refining, pharmaceuticals, rubber manufacturing.

Inventory maintained in Florida, Texas, and Michigan.


Great Lakes Hi--Inlet Temp Compressed Air Dryer 120V

The EDR Series is designed to accept 23 to 129 SCFM of compressed air at temperatures up to 180°F. The integral ambient pre-cooler and water separator allows the compressed air to be dried to a 39°F Pressure Dewpoint which has a 33% lower moisture content than dryers with 50°F Pressure Dewpoint. The product series is designed for heavy duty industrial applications and decades of reliable operation.


GRF Series Non-cycling Refrigeration Dryers

The GRF series encompasses models to handle compressed air flows from 10 to 2250 SCFM. The GRF series utilizes stainless steel heat exchangers with automatic or thermostatic expansion valves, in lieu of the temperamental non-adjusting capillary tube responsible for many compressor failures. Each unit has a heavy gauge powder-coated steel cabinet for durability. Adjustable electronic timed condensate drain on units 40 SCFM and larger. Units 10-25 SCFM come standard with an automatic float type drain. Prices subject to change without notice.  Suggested Coalescing Prefilter: GC020-SA Stock Available Clearwater, FL


Nitrogen Generator
Generating your own nitrogen can substantially reduce the cost of nitrogen consumption, and is the primary reason for the purchase of most GN2 systems. Price is subject to change and must be quoted as unit will require sizing for any application
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