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Drain-All Condensate Traps

Drain-All Condensate Traps

Six product groups are available, and each one is customizable:

  • Rust Handler - needed when there is severe rust and debris, as is found in old receiver tanks and piping, as well as old intercoolers/aftercoolers that slough off scale.
  • Pressure Handler 300/750/ATM - handles applications from 0 PSIG to 1200 PSIG, and the 300 & 750 models specifications represent only two of the many options available for positive pressures. For situations where atmospheric or zero pressure applications are required, the Pressure Handler ATM is the appropriate solution, serving as a pressure power pump by taking a zero pressure liquid feed and pressurizing it to push it out and even up to a higher level.
  • Corrosion Handler - handles applications where the condensate has a corrosive action (from a gas like CO2 or an aggressive liquid component from a process) and/or the environment is corrosive to the trap product (such as cement factories or oil rig operations at sea). There are more than 80 Corrosion Handler trap options available in this line.
  • Temperature Handler - used in high temperature applications. Specific models exist for 250⁰ F and 350⁰ F operation.
  • Volume Handler - used in situations with a very large liquid flow.  A variety of models are available providing flow capacities from 3 GPM to over 100 GPM.
  • Vacuum Handler - used when a vacuum system exists that is producing the condensate.